September 30, 2015



Superior Country Club 1922 – 1947

Medina Golf & Country Club was first built in 1922 under the name: Superior Golf Club. It was located in Golden Valley and it was created by Archie Walker and his father, the late lumber magnate T.B. Walker.

Superior was a private club until late in the 1960’s. The approximate borders were I-394 on the south, Highway 55 on the North, Winnetka Avenue – east, and Boone Avenue-west.

In 1956 Oak Ridge Country Club was the sole Jewish Country Club in the Minneapolis area. About a year after the end of World War II, most of the Veterans had returned home. Many were married and were raising families. They began to establish themselves in various jobs and business pursuits. It was then that a number of Jewish individuals gathered together to pursue the idea of organizing another “Jewish” Country Club. Some of the established business and professional men felt that a second club would be an asset to the Jewish community. Additionally some of the members who played at Superior were also advocates. These two groups had the ability to advance the necessary funds to start a new country club.

At the same time the Superior Golf Club was up for sale. The decision of the founding group was to buy Superior for $95,000. It was owned by the T.B. Walker family and in May of 1947 Archie Walker deeded the land to the organization that would later be known as the Brookview Country Club.

Archie Walker was a member of the family that has earned many footnotes in the history of Minneapolis, not the least of which is the Walker Art Center.

Before a permanent clubhouse was built, the golfers would change into golf clothes in a barn alongside 6th Avenue North, now Highway 55.

It was shortly thereafter that a clubhouse was erected on the same site that housed the present day structure which now includes a pro shop as well as a Golden Valley Community Facility.

A vote for a name change had begun. A number of names were submitted, and the one selected was “Brookview Country Club.”

Brookview Country Club 1947 – 1968

In the years to come many Brookview members would leave to join Oak Ridge Country Club. The financial needs of the club, especially during the early years, always seemed to outstrip the revenues. There was always pressure to recruit new members. In 1952 the entire food service area of Brookview consisted of eight or ten stools, and only breakfast and lunch was available. They expanded the clubhouse in 1982, and also in 2002. It seemed that almost from the day that Brookview was incorporated, there were money problems. The number of golf members was usually between 200-250 which wasn’t quite enough to balance the budget, resulting in frequent refinancing. In 1966 the dues for a social member was only $10 a month, but there was a $40 month food minimum. In 1968 the decision was made to move west.

At that time the city of Golden Valley had expressed interest in acquiring Brookview and using it as a nucleus for a municipal golf course and other recreational activities. A million dollar offer was submitted by the City of Golden Valley to buy the Brookview property. A search committee was formed and soon found suitable land on which to build a new golf course and clubhouse in Medina. The club would have a new home and would henceforth be known as “Rolling Green Country Club”.

Rolling Green Country Club 1968 – 2006

Although there is a rich history associated with Rolling Green Country Club and its name, there had been a growing interest among the membership to consider changing the name to “The Medina Golf & Country Club.” In recent years, the city of Medina has become one of the most affluent communities in the Twin Cities metro area. Neighborhoods such as Foxberry Farms and Wild Meadows have brought growing attention to our “home town,” as homes in those neighborhoods are regularly featured in periodicals such as the Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine.

Medina Golf & Country Club has also been changing and improving with the community around us. With the completion of the golf course project, our championship course is now comparable with the best courses in the Twin Cities. Add the new clubhouse and upgraded pool facility, and Medina Golf & Country Club has gone through almost a complete makeover in the last few years.